My Gym Space - Farnsfield

Our brand new, exclusive facility, taking personal training to the next level
Our brand new, exclusive facility, taking personal training to the next level

Our Farnsfield location is our brand new gym, specialising in semi-private personal training. This is a gym like no other; getting serious, life changing results.

The location of our second gym on the Hexgreave Hall Estate is beautiful which means you can find some great places for relaxation and ‘me time’ away from the craziness of everyday life. The hot tub is a nice addition too for some post training relaxation.

The results our programmes yield speak for themselves. Check out some of our clients’ before and after shots. CLICK HERE. We have created our programmes to provide a complete package so that you will make changes that will last a lifetime

No more half-hearted attempts at losing weight and toning up, no more yo-yo diets…we mean business and we don’t want you to ever fall back into your old ways!

We are not about a quick fix, we are about long term, sustainable life style change and choice. This means that our programmes need to be intense as we teach you everything you need to know to maintain your results long term. We delve into your habits, map out your goals, overhaul your nutrition and push you to your limits during your PT sessions to get insane results.

Are you ready for the ultimate life change?

If you want to be a part of our exclusive semi-private personal training gym, click here and apply for a free transformation session with us.

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My Gym Space

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