Who we are, what we do

Mission Statement

Join Us to help you build Muscle & burn fat
It is my mission to help you be the best you can, to live a fulfilled, healthy & enjoyable life with the mind-set to be a winner & achieve” Dan Plant – Managing Director & Head Personal Trainer at My Gym Space – Kirkby-in-Ashfield & Farnsfield


Are you wanting real results
Our transformation programmes are designed to get results! We don’t mess about, we are passionate about inspiring people to become the best version of themselves and we only want to work with those who are driven and determined to achieve.
Are you… Committed? Driven? Motivated? Determined? Ready to make a change?

The Problem

People are so wrapped up in daily life, work and looking after others, that they forget to look after themselves.

Why Us

All of our trainers are at least level 3 qualified personal trainers who are incredibly passionate about health and fitness. We are from a multitude of backgrounds; including military, fire service and even unfit to extreme fitness instructor.

Really - Why?

Our approach is a holistic one where we look at the effect on your life as a whole. The physical benefit of training and good nutrition is simply the tip of the iceberg. The psychological improvement as a result of effective training and clean nutrition is massive. A positive outlook is fundamental to a happy life and we want you to believe in yourself, feel confident and in control. Our aim is to lock away the ‘I can’t’ and unleash the ‘I can’.

Apply Today

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, take that leap and achieve things you’ve only ever dreamt of then apply for one of our transformation programmes.

The Solution

My Gym Space is an invitation only gym to ensure that all of our members are committed and dedicated to achieving their goals. We only work with the super committed

Step Out of your comfort Zone

Life really does begin when you step out of your comfort zone. You can’t expect different results if you don’t change the action. If you want something you’ve never had, then you need to do something you’ve never done. What’s stopping you?....Too busy? Too tired? Too scared? These are all excuses that you are allowing yourself to believe are valid. If you want something bad enough you make it work. Our training sessions start at 6am and run until 8pm at night, as well as weekend morning sessions so the opportunity to fit this around your lifestyle is there.


Motivation is key to self preservation and improvement. If you don’t have goals then what are you aiming for? Set yourself goals and strive to achieve them and be proud of yourself.